Forgive me father, I have sinned.

If we were catholics, we would probably have been to a priest by now and begged for forgiveness due to our sinful and pathetic lack of digital presence. We do, of course, have somewhat of reason to it. It hasn’t happened that much to be honest. Sure, we did finalize our studio session for the upcoming album “Drunk on Hate“. But the thing is that we didn’t finalize quite the the way one should do it. We kinda… went a bit back n’ forth and worked, to put it bluntly, in a very stupid manner of time management.

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So here we are, almost done with the mix! And I can promise you, it is absolutely horrible. Mixing, that is.

If you haven’t done it, I cannot enforce enough how I do not recommend it to anyone. It is, without a doubt, a process where you are thoughtfully and focused on searching for the best way to hate your recording. But as the semi-professionals we are, we have broken through this wall of self-inflicted intellectual harm and come out very insecure but determined. As we usually say, “all we want is that it sounds like a real metal record“.

Aye, those boys and their high hopes… No, seriously, it sounds fucking awesome and after the mastering it is gonna destroy every goddamn speaker that sports a “loudness-button“.

That said. Check out these frames of cheerful idioticness and hopefully you’ll be hearing from us soon!

Watch Oskar growl-rap

When we recorded the vocals I took the time to shoot a vid of Oskar putting some words down for the track “The Pain Grid”. The same track that you can see Johan play drums on, a couple of blog posts back. We shot it quite quick and Oskar took it home for some editing. It turned out really nice and gives a good display on how growl vocals really sound without all the extras. Its brutal stuff to put it simple!

Anyhow, the vocals sound amazing (As you can hear yourselves.), and David also managed to lay down some cool backing screams that puts on another dimension to the choruses. Otherwise we are pretty much done with the rhythm guitars and I am laying down the bass this week. Hopefully we can upload some cool vid of Thomas and I hammering 5- & 7-string. ‘Till then, ciao…

/ Chris

Mr Voxkar, the vocal chord-exterminator

Is done.

Through wet and dry, over the hills and far away, beyond heaven and hell… And all we did was sit on our asses and watch/hear him scream his lungs out. Well, soon we are finally at the fun stuff. LEAD FUCKING GUITARS.

Unangel Oskar Metal

Oskar practicing on his upcoming
appearance in “The Sound of Music”.

But then again… No, now we shouldn’t be like that… or… I, shouldn’t be like that, might be a better statement. Hmm…

Well Oskar has performed just astonishing. His death metal vocals are probably a lot more brutal this time. Must notably, in my ears, his depth has grown and those really demonical growls are just pure evil. We might have some minor stuff to add but that are details that might surface when editing the overdubs. We have tried recording this record a little different since last time. We learnt a lot from the recording of “Amongst Cowards“, so hopefully this time around we will have done something better. Though, don’t be too sure about it. We have a way of fucking things up. Its just UNANGEL-nature. Maybe god is pissed off? Probably not when you think of it. At least if you ask Richard Dawkins. Hmm…

If you are interested in checking out pictures from our studio-escapades, make sure to like us at Facebook and steer your way to our photo album. Or just check out or wall-feed. Whatever works for you dear.

Until next! May Steve Vai guide you.

/ Chris

Yesterdays (As Axl contemplates…)

Two handsome dudes truly dedicated to the cause of metal.

Yes, around 15 of them actually, since last update. And there hasn’t been much to report of to be honest. I myself took a trip home to my family and the other guys worked with guitars to get some tracks laid down for Oskars upcoming vocal session. But today Thomas and I got the chance to sit down for an all-afternooner to create some evil 7-string magic. And sure we did!


For the track “Shard” (also elegantly work-titled “Heavy Metal”) we found ourselves doing some fine adjustments in the vein of diminished scales. Always a safe bet when it comes to metal! – Remember that kids! Or ask Jeff Loomis, he’ll tell ya!

And since we’re close to being all done with these rhythmic string section we are preppin’ for going into the studio with Oskars vocal chords and bash the hell out of ’em. Stay tuned, soon you’ll find both a video sneak peak of the rhythmic guitars and the studio dates for the vocals!

/ Chris

Guitars for president

We moved our studio to our rehearsal yesterday to record some rhythm guitars. Since I didn’t manage to get my dear  Ibanez (I really mean fucktward… or perhaps thats a bit harsch… hm, anyway.) in tune, – ever heard of Floyd Rose? – the choice of guitar fell on Thomas’ Schecter Hellraiser. It will do perfect for the rhythm parts with its EMGs, though I will make sure to get my shit in order for the leads. I need my skinny Ibby.

We have finished the songs “Black Lead Halo” and “Three Days In Darkness” (Oskar actually sings this one in swedish but thats name of it.). And if you check out our Facebook you can see that we actually recorded “Black Lead Halo” back in January at Riever Audio Engineering. Like him and his studio at Facebook!

This week we will continue recording guitars and hopefully also do some rehearsing so that Oskar can do some fine adjusting concerning his vocal arrangements.

Doing some chuggah-chuggahs.


Take care!

/ Chris

Percussive teaser

Now that the drums are done and Johan is doing some minor adjustments in the digital world, he also managed to quick edit a short teaser from the studio. The song Johan performs is called “The Pain Grid” and had the working title “Fräs” (Sizzle, in english).

It is a fast paced death/thrash song that will have some evil melodies in it. Probably my favourite on the upcoming UNANGEL album “Drunk on Hate”. And I have a strong suspicion that it might also be Johan’s. 🙂

Check it out! It features a lot of cymbals. And cymbals are good.

/ Chris

Digital stuff

Horgh agrees. Good work lads.

I love computers and digital studio recording. I also find analog stuff awesome and cool. But we, Unangel, aren’t quite that cool so we stick to Pro Tools. But here is the thing. Even though computers are simple in theory – you never seem to get to the finish line without doing some (often major) detours.

That’s our case. Always. (Unfortunately.)

Thomas and I dropped by the studio today to copy all the drum tracks so that we can record stuff at home also. (Note that I was supposed to go and get them yesterday, but I brought a NTFS-formatted drive. And we have a Mac in the studio. And yes I also own a Mac. So why the fuck do I have my external drive in NTFS!?) Enough ’bout that.

Well after having a fight with Pro Tools over the “Export-button”, we actually managed to get our beloved drums down to lovely wavs.

Now we are aiming at getting the rhythm guitars and bass down so that Oskar, asap, can start his throat abuse. Really excited!

PS. You haven’t forgotten that you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook? You’ll also find my personal Twitter here: ChrizVain.

Take care

/ Chris

Drums are done

Chris and Johan in the Studio.

After a couple of strange days of recording, we are finally finished with the drums. When we started out we were quiet convinced that this session would go on quite comfortably. We figured that since the last record was a quite troublesome recording session, we now would have some ease. But noooo. Talk about fucking jinxing it.

But still, despite glitches in contacts, buzzing interface and being forced to re-record already finished songs (Not to mention recording in Pro Tools. We either use Cubase or Logic at home. DOH!). We pulled through – and all thanks to our drummer Johan. Man… that guy really performed under pressure! Awesome!

Since this recording has been quite jumpy, there hasn’t been any good documentation unfortunately. But we will try to compensate later on. For now, we are just content with the drums! Soon we are off recording rhythm guitars. I can promise you it will be MASSIVE!

Take care

/ Chris

Recording has begun!


Yes, and so it has begun!

Thomas and Johan headstarted already yesterday with the rigging and also managed to record a couple of drum tracks.
I was still in Italy soaking in sun and sweat but today we are full crew in Uppsala.
So far we have nailed the songs “Total Meltdown”, “Black Lead Halo” and “Unangel”. Currently Johan is grooving the song “Tre dagar i mörker” (Three Days In Darkness).


/ Chris

Chillin’, relaxin’ ‘n acting’ all cool.