Live to win

Last saturday we had the fortune of playing at the local event “Livekarusellen”. It’s a annual event that is organized by Studiefrämjandet as a competition for local bands to compete for a spot in the national finals. We have participated the last two years and managed to qualify for the regional finals, but unfortunately, we have drawn the shorter straw both times. And you know what they say, third time is the charm?

Well, for our sake, I dearly hope so. Since failing to step beyond our local borders isn’t that much of a promising future. But what the heck, to be able to achieve any kind of mainstream success for an uncommercial band such as we, should be treated as a leap forward.

Of course we want to win the whole thing, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing this at all. The post title, “Live to win” is actually a Paul Stanley-song co-written by the swedish songwriter Andreas Carlsson. If you are into soft melodic rock, check it out. It’s a good book too, by the way. Google it.

Right now we are focusing on the vocals in the mix. Just, you know, compressing the hell out of it. Auto-tuning and adding vocoders on approximately 80%. Yeah. You heard it right. We are going industrial!

Or not. Keep it cool and enjoy this finishing riff of the song “The Pain Grid”.