Forgive me father, I have sinned.

If we were catholics, we would probably have been to a priest by now and begged for forgiveness due to our sinful and pathetic lack of digital presence. We do, of course, have somewhat of reason to it. It hasn’t happened that much to be honest. Sure, we did finalize our studio session for the upcoming album “Drunk on Hate“. But the thing is that we didn’t finalize quite the the way one should do it. We kinda… went a bit back n’ forth and worked, to put it bluntly, in a very stupid manner of time management.

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So here we are, almost done with the mix! And I can promise you, it is absolutely horrible. Mixing, that is.

If you haven’t done it, I cannot enforce enough how I do not recommend it to anyone. It is, without a doubt, a process where you are thoughtfully and focused on searching for the best way to hate your recording. But as the semi-professionals we are, we have broken through this wall of self-inflicted intellectual harm and come out very insecure but determined. As we usually say, “all we want is that it sounds like a real metal record“.

Aye, those boys and their high hopes… No, seriously, it sounds fucking awesome and after the mastering it is gonna destroy every goddamn speaker that sports a “loudness-button“.

That said. Check out these frames of cheerful idioticness and hopefully you’ll be hearing from us soon!