Live in Stockholm 18th october!

unangel-klubb-dislocated-copperfields-metalYepp. Once again we take aim at the big city, 45 minutes east of our beloved hometown Uppsala. Sweden’s capital is the biggest city in Scandinavia and inhabits over 2 million people. But this blog post will not be about nordic social geography, but about what is happening when Unangel hits the big scary governmental city of swedish football hooligans.

We will play on Klubb Dislocated at Copperfields. It is located at Kungsholmen and lies very central. I think there will be five bands in total, playing during the whole evening. So there will always be some noise to disturb your regular pick up-lines – perfect time to drink beer instead in other words.

We will entertain you for about 25 minutes and of course: our merchandise – some CDs and t-shirts will be available to purchase! The best of it all is that we won’t have to pay anything to play there. Yes, that’s the hard terms on the streets for bands otherwise in Fredrik Reinfeldts Sweden today. We usually pay to play. Think about it! Soon the police will probably register us in a database because of our distorted looks!

Hmm… Think about that!

And yes, if you are in the area on the 18th of october. Please check us out!

UPDATE: Due to some changed rules on the playing field concerning ownership of bars and something that we don’t quite have all information regarding – we won’t be playing for Klubb Dislocated on the 18th – BUT – we will still play at Copperfields. Yepp. So nothing you need to get concerned about really. Just that for some undisclosed reason there will not be a sign behind us at the stage stating Klubb Dislocated. Instead we will try to find a new date when we can play for Klubb Dislocated – then probably at Broder Tuck. Well speculations, nevertheless, we will still play at Copperfields the 18th. See you there!