David leaves UNANGEL

Dave the steelmountain

There have been several stuff happening in the UNANGEL-camp recently. Since when stuff sometimes happen, you also need to deal with them before you can really say anything about ’em. This is one of those things.

David is our bass player and he has been with this band since the beginning. Even before the band was known as UNANGEL and we went by the name Three Days In Darkness (which happen to be the name of one of our upcoming songs…) David handled the bass duties.

The reason is very simple and comes from David himself. We all have duties in life and must weigh our time in job, family and interests. Sometimes these things evolve and collide timewise. David feels that he cannot longer be true to himself as a musician and therefore chooses to prioritize his commitments outside the band. As long time friends and bandmates we are of course perfectly cool with this.

Good luck to future adventures!