drunk-on-hate-unangel-uppsala-metalAfter a long time. Too long time. Finally the EP Drunk on Hate is released. First the recording was delayed a couple of months. Then the recording took longer than expected. The mixing took a long time. Then the first mix was horrible. Months went on. Then the second mix was good. Of course the mastering was a chapter of it’s own. Well, this is the simplified version. A lot of cursing have been involved and we are already on way with new songs, BUT, we are still very happy with these six songs.

This EP showcases a very broad and clear vision of Unangel. The music takes the direction of the song’s best interest. Brutality, speed, groove, melody or heaviness – it’s all a matter of the emotion we want our thrash embellished death metal to emote. We aim to please.

Soon enough it will be up at Spotify, iTunes, CdBaby and Bandcamp, along with lots of more services. Until then, check it out on our Soundcloud or listen to it here below.


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