Emergenza Festival – into 2014

Happy new year all unangels! Perhaps a late merry christmas would be in order to say too, if it not were that we don’t celebrate christmas. No, we salute the almighty Satan. He says hello.

2014 is just hours away and we really look forward to this year. For a long time this band has been somewhat of a part time activity on our behalf. It is changing. No, we won’t go full time or start to rehearse every day or something like that. But the focus is different. We will strive harder than ever before to improve our technical abilities and songwriting.


2014 starts off with us participating in Emergenza Music Festival. It is one of the biggest music competitions around for independent music acts. However, if we shall have use of it – we do need your support. Please consider showing up at Klubben in Stockholm on the 10th of january! Tickets are available from us for only as little as 80 SEK.

Later on in january, our long overdue EP “Drunk on Hate” is to be released on the 20th of january. As soon as it is out, we will play gigs as never before and start to work on the next album immediately. Several songs are already done in the pre-production stage.

Stay tuned and Happy new year!

Now go listen to some John Lennon or Abba.


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