A gig gone wrong, gone right

spinal-tap-unangel-live-uppsalaYesterday evening UNANGEL had the joy of playing with the local death/black metal band Incised. Despite having quite limited stage space, we managed to get a good soundcheck and both bands came out doing great gigs.

However, being we, we also managed to create a couple of laughs on stage.

Not only did we have fun doing our thang… but during the gig Johan enjoyed getting a microphone stand on himself and the drums, he also managed to almost fall behind the stage on his drum chair, Thomas amp decided to go Windows on him and lost it’s sound now and then – only getting up to work again doing a restart.

Well, we actually made it out and did quite well despite the minor adventures. It doesn’t match the time when we played for two friends and a janitor – but still worth mentioning!


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