Click to read more about Johan P.!

Click to read more about Johan P.!

So there you have it!


This Uppsala-lad have been a face in the scene for a good while playing with numerous metal and rock bands. Now the time has come for him to get his hands on some brutal stuff! We in UNANGEL are very pleased to have Johan Pettersson onboard with us. The transition from being bass-less to… well I guess “bass-full”, went actually quite smooth.

You are very nervous when faced with a member leaving the band. You never know how many bassists there are out there, particularly in a town as Uppsala. But through mutual friends and the interest in music, we found each other and started playing as a full band quite soon after David’s departure.

Lately we have been rehearsing with Johan and re-arranging some bass lines. As most bass lines were either written by either me, Thomas or David, the instrument will pop out and sound completely different now. Especially considering Johan handles his 5-string duties with his fingers, rather than using a pick.

We are very excited and currently rehearsing for some upcoming gigs in the competition Livekarusellen. Soon we also have some news on the mixing of Drunk on Hate. So stay tuned and make sure to check in on Facebook and Twitter!


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